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Agile Development

Need to keep in control of your software development? Do you work in a fast-paced industry with constantly changing priorities? Do you want to see results straight away, not wait months for anything to show? Then Agile development is your answer.

It is a sad reality that nearly 50% of all traditionally-managed software projects will fail (source: ).

In 'traditional' software projects the client is expected to list every feature their product requires and document it in excruciating detail before any programming starts.  The software development company then leaves the customer for months and 'ta-da' the new software is presented.  The downfall of this approach is that not all items can be communicated; also new opportunities or changed circumstances alter the requirements of features during the development stage, but the client is locked into expensive variation agreements if they change their mind mid-process.

At  i.t.basecamp we have adopted the proven 'Agile Approach' to software development.  This means we build the software a section at a time, normally every two weeks.  We make regular deliveries of software to the customer and, based on the feedback, we build the next sections.   The customer is always in control prioritising what component of their software gets built next.   There are no expensive variations and the customer can choose to stop development at any stage knowing that they already have completed software.

The  2011 CHAOS report from the Standish Group reported that agile projects are successful three times more often than non-agile projects!   At i.t.basecamp we have in-house certified Agile Practitioners and work on very small and also multi-million dollar projects using the Agile approach with 100% success rate.


  • Product Owner In Control
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Rapid Development to viable product