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Do you need secure communication between 2,3 or 10 of your offices? Want to jump on to do some work at night from home? [ ? how do we jump on the the Internet :-) Is it what we do when it doesn't work? Jump on the Internet device? ] We can provide you with all the right hardware and software configuration for secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) communications. Our team are also experts in WAN (Wide Area Network) technology and intranet design.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

These types of solutions can allow you access to email and files or even your phone system!  VPN technology comes in many forms.  We choose to utilise only two of them.  They are:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) VPN: SSL VPN allows for a single entry point to an office network with the simple use of a web browser.  Your authentication to the system is normally controlled from your server logon credentials and, once past the browser authentication, a simple Java client is installed that controls secure traffic.  If you are interested, this is something that you need to talk to Brad or Steve about.

  • IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security) VPN: Widely accepted as the solution for conventional VPN architectures - IPSEC VPN can be used for roaming VPN's, point to point, hub and spoke or full mesh architectures.  If this all sounds like bicycle parts to you it's probably best to give us a call.  If you have heard of all this and know what you are after, please get in touch and tell us how we can help.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

We have access to the best quality telecommunications companies and can provide consulting resources and facilitation of WAN provisioning.  Apart from the telecommunications company that own the fibre, we rely on Juniper Networks for all of our connectivity requirements.  Juniper is a proven market leader in the service provider and networking space.  For any solutions in this area please talk to Brad.

Intranet Design

We have designed intranet solutions that include multi-floor network segmentation using Layer 2 VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)  through to OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) over IPSEC multi-office networks.  We design networks using best practices and will ensure that you have the right requirements that are not only best-of-breed but future-proof as well.