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Domain Registration

Domains names, domain names, domain names. Saying it 3 times won't help search engine optimisation but there are just so many options and variants out there for domain names these days and we would like to be different.

Our domain registration is a little different to most.  We don't offer the cheapest solution, but we do offer quality.  Too often we have a new customer managing their domain themselves come in to say "we lost our presence on the internet, what do we do?".  Their domain is registered to a defunct email address and they didn't get the reminder.  Or they didn't transfer it after buying it from another business.  These are just a few scenarios.

i.t.basecamp is affiliated as a registrant through TPP Wholesale.  TPP Wholesale is an ICANN accredited registrar.  As a registrant to an ICANN Registrar, we are bound by the following rules and responsibilities linked here.

This is where the domain detectives Derrick, James and Brad can go to work.  We secure the domain and, all going well, ensure it never happens again.  So if we look at our service compared to others and then imagine we are selling cars ...

  • We aren't a Suziki Swift - the cheapest
  • We aren't the Mercedes Benz
  • We like the Holden Commodore - reliable, know what needs to be done get you from A to B and are middle of the road

Come and speak to us about your domain registration needs.  We offer discounts for customers that have bulk branding protection requirements.


Domain Pricing:
Domain Type Duration Price 2 years $55.00 2 years $45.00
.com .net .org 1 year $17.00



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  • uk domains
  • travel domains
  • GTLD domains (.com .net .org)
  • nz domains
  • asia domains
  • mobile domains