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A brief overview of our proficiencies when it comes to software languages. Alex, Ben, Brad, John, & Aravind all love writing software!

Our office of developers is predominantly focused on Open Source Languages.  Brad as the founder of I.T.basecamp started with PHP as early as 1997.  Ben worked mostly with Perl, Java and Python at former employers.  Brad and Ben can just take his hand to any language and get it done and Aravind's experience as a full stack PHP developer means he values the need to write clean, object-oriented PHP to enable clients to meet their business goals.  We have a rich and diverse mix of coding strengths which means peer reviews and architecture design meetings can become quite heated about best practices.  One thing we have all come to appreciate with any software development is good documentation for the developer and end-user and neat code conforming to industry standard patterns and concepts.

We have come to accept as a team that the web medium is fast becoming the medium of choice and as such have decided that most of our focus will be in this area.


Fortunately, every developer at our office has experience in PHP coding. We follow PSR standards and fully embrace the PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming) practices available for use. We are excited about the roadmap for PHP and look forward to harnessing new features as they become available.  We have team members who are experts in the leading Drupal and Symfony frameworks. We are excited by new features in PHP7 including null coalasecing operators ?? and the spaceship operator <=> and not so excited that there is now unicode support for emojis!


Still the go-to choice for large applications for many enterprises, at i.t.basecamp we have the experience to deliver Java-based solutions.  Our pool of programmers includes members who have architected and implemented large network information repositories using the Spring framework on top of JPA that handled millions of records a day.  We have wide-ranging experience hosting and maintaining Java applications using Apache Tomcat and JSP.


Have an existing Perl-based software solution that requires overhaul, improvements or modernisation?  At i.t.basecamp we grok Perl with the best of them.  Following "Modern Perl" and Object Orientation Patterns our developers can breath new life into old software or create new projects using this proven and flexible language.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is Adobe's web platform of choice.  Brad starting working with Cold Fusion when it was a company called Allaire that produced it.  It was then bought by Macromedia and then Adobe purchased Macromedia.  Adobe offers Cold Fusion as its rapid web application development platform with all of its developer products integrating seamlessly.   Brad co-wrote an accounting application in 2001 that only recently was retired after 11 years.

C# C++ Windows Platform

John Latham is our in-house expert on all projects large and small.  With over 30 year experience behind him working on defence projects and aeronautical software, you can be assured of a quality result.


One page web 'apps' backed by backends just serving up raw data are taking over the web for good reason.  They allow the ultimate in flexibility for solutions to connect to all various clients and other services.   i.t.bascamp were early adopters of  'backbone', a leading javascript framework that manages the complexity of one-page applications.    If you want your software to be cutting edge then i.t.basecamp can deliver.


New to our swiss army knife is Ruby code. This has come through work with the Chef automation tool.



  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Perl
  • Cold Fusion
  • C# C++ Windows Platform
  • Javascript