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Our partners

We’re not referring to our better halves, but well-established relationships with major suppliers so the hardware we offer is reliable, responds to the needs of each network we set up and is competitively priced.

Juniper Networks

Our business moved to Netscreen Technologies many years ago, before Juniper acquired Netscreen.  We followed our favourite firewalls to Juniper who then bought out the SSG series firewall and we still have of these in production today.  We now have added the Juniper MX series routers and EX series switches to our data centre and customer solutions.  Although the SSG firewalls are still available to purchase, the SRX range has taken its place in firewall technology.  We have found the SRX series to be a robust solution offering all the features required to build a solid network infrastructure.  Juniper is a unique network vendor that allows one software platform, JUNOS, to prevail throughout their complete range of products.  We love it and reckon you will too!


We only have recently moved to Fortinet as an alternative firewall security solution in the SMB space.  We have found its security solutions offer a unique experience and feature set for our customers out of the box.

Oracle Storage Systems

IT Basecamp recommends the lightning fast storage systems for enterprise-grade disaster recovery and storage.  Products include the NAS ZFS series, the 'all flash' FS Storage system, plus the SAN and tape solutions for every network based storage solution.


As with Fortinet, IT Basecamp has recently been deploying EMC storage systems into customer sites that require reliable storage and retrieval.  The product focus from EMC has been with the VNX/VNXe range, an affordable hybrid flash storage solution.

Extreme Networks

If you ask any network engineer out there that has worked with Extreme they will all agree that Extreme Networks have the best CLI available.  Not that that is why you should use Extreme but the transfer of that CLI into switching performance is second to none.  We choose Extreme to complement many areas of our core switching environment because it just works!


IT Basecamp is an accredited VSPP VMware partner.  We trust VMware for all of our own solutions as well as our customer's data.  The technology allows for highly scaleable virtual systems that allow us to control CPU, disk and memory resources with ease.  Redundancy and High Availability also allow us to ensure your critical data and services can stay online and safe.  Brad is our resident guru these days with VMware.  He can often be found finding out what new feature will help us maximise the performance of our VMware clusters.


IT Basecamp is an accredited Microsoft data centre solutions provider.  This means that if you want to pay by the month for software we can make it happen.  Proven technology that people rely on day-in, day-out to earn their business money.  Our team have a great depth of experience on Microsoft platforms and software solutions.  Speak to us about your needs.

Eaton Powerware

Thunderstorms and bad power are a pain for many customers.  We offer one solution.  Tried and tested Eaton Powerware has a proven track record with power backup requirements.  We like to think of this technology as 'set and forget'.  It just does its job!  Next time the thunderstorms are rolling past your business you'll be glad you have chosen Eaton Powerware.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is our partner of choice for everything from laptops to storage SANS to backup tape drives.  We have come to appreciate the quality of their equipment over many years of use.  Steve can often be found telling us how else he has squeezed some more performance out of our Left Hand SAN solutions.  If you think HP is a fit for you, then so do we!


We have come to rely on Lenovo laptops and workstations as an alternative to HP systems.  It becomes the Ford and Holden routine with choosing Lenovo.  Some customers prefer Lenovo so we have it available in our product offerings.  We think Lenovo's equipment is of equal quality to Hewlett Packard and its laptops are still a favourite with our technicians.


Proven AntiVirus solutions!  Your networks stay safe from external threats with Kaspersky.  The all too familiar pig squeals when there is a problem and usually we are on the phone!  Kaspersky allows total coverage and easy deployment on large scale networks efficiently and effectively.  It reports on the update status of client and upgrades are relatively seamless to perform.  Ask for a demo of Kaspersky and its capabilities today.


A perfect solution for backing up your virtual machines based on a server application that talks directly to the VMware host.  It manages incremental backups of virtual machines and can restore down to file level at the flick of a switch.  IT Basecamp has rolled out VEEAM to many of our satisfied customers, confident in the knowledge their data is being protected.


Acronis leads the way in backup and data protection technology.  We use Acronis for all of our VMWare cloud solutions and Windows server and workstation environments.  We have relied on its restoration capabilities countless times post hardware failure or accidental file deletions.  Acronis is part of every network solution for us unless you are all on Linux ... then we just use tar!