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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is important for secure network traffic. This technology uses 256-bit AES encryption for all data between a client and server.

SSL allows data to be sent and received with complete end-to-end security for all data – including in-flight (as data is being transmitted).  We are a GeoTrust ISP partner ensuring we are able to offer reasonably priced SSL certificates.  So, the facts:

  • Certificate Purchase: approximately $50.00-$400.00 AUD per annum (depends on quality and type of certificate)
  • Once-off setup fees - i.t.basecamp charges a once-off $300.00AUD fee to setup and install your SSL certificate
  • Hosting charges - i.t.basecamp charges $40.00AUD per month for SSL website hosting. This includes your non-SSL website as well.

If you need a secure environment, whether it is simply for e-commerce transactions or handling sensitive data, call i.t.basecamp today on 02 4441 8555 and talk to a networking security expert.


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