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Competitive advantage secured by coupling business vision with IT expertise

Over an 18-year history, IT Basecamp has worked with clients in industries as diverse as dairy farming, accounting, law, education and also franchise operators. We understand that if a business can harness its chosen applications to adapt to unique industry or even organisational needs, the result can be a significant competitive advantage. Achieving success in this area is very much a partnership relationship with the client. It's the combination of the intimate details of a business or industry that the client brings, coupled with the depth of IT knowledge that IT Basecamp holds that leads to success. Often the client can see a vision of where they want their business to get to but doesn't know the options available to achieve this. We see ourselves as the 'technology compass', bringing the skills to guide you through the technology maze.

Case Study - Clifton Accountants

The issue: By nature, the accounting industry is the keeper of sensitive, personal client data and, like in many industries, mandatory data breach notification laws now apply. With the need to comply with these new laws, plus other pressures like an ever-growing team, Clifton Accountants recognised the time was right to look at new technology solutions to support its business. Headaches of multiple staff sharing passwords, staff moving between offices and passwords that were too simple needed to be addressed.

The goal: Brian, a partner at Clifton’s, wanted a solution that improved security and streamlined access to the 12+ applications the company uses day-to-day.

We knew what we wanted to achieve, but had no idea what product would be suitable. After discussions with Brad to outline our perceived needs, IT Basecamp researched the options and came back to us with the what, how and when. Brian, Partner, Clifton Accountants

The result: IT Basecamp looked at a number of industry-leading software companies and settled on OneLogin, a cloud-based identity and access management provider. By ‘federating’ Office 365, GSuite and Clifton’s local active directory (making these all communicate as one) a single clean way to manage all login assets in one place was achieved. This required a lot of Powershell and command-line work to get established, performed by IT Basecamp developers.

IT Basecamp believes in the philosophy of not being the gatekeepers of knowledge. With some proper training, Brian was able to take over full management of this software for day-to-day changes via the OneLogin graphical user interface. Staff have ease-of-access to all their online portals and it has resulted in a significant productivity boost for Clifton's. The security offered by single sign-on from OneLogin is also reassuring for the practice.

With OneLogin we can manage user access to two dozen various applications, whether individually, by groups or across the whole firm, both here in Australia and overseas. It has saved us significant time in this regard and gives greater peace of mind when able to update passwords regularly in a secure manner. Brian, Partner, Clifton Accountants