Customised hosting and cloud services to deliver best-fit solutions

A tech team with across-the-board IT skills brings the expertise to guide and support clients in taking best advantage of the myriad of IT technologies available - individualised solutions deliver real business results

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Cloud Solutions

IT Basecamp prides itself on supporting clients in making the correct technology decisions for cloud solutions. While partnered with many industry-leading technology providers, we don’t have a vested interest in any particular one - our goal is always putting together the right solution for you, the client.

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Cloud service migrations

Migrate legacy email systems into secure, accessible, scalable, efficient cloud solutions.

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Data centre network solutions

We are proud to offer an established, functional data centre solution at price point that matches or betters offerings from bigger players.

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IT Basecamp can host any type of website, whatever size, and offers a range of tiered website hosting services at the best market prices.

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Hybrid cloud solutions

Integrating your on-site network infrastructure with cloud-based services and resources is a sensible way to optimise your IT investment. Hybrid solutions can deliver disaster recovery solutions, corporate agility, improved functionality and even 100% network redundancy.

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Microsoft 365 and G Suite backups

Most people assume because O365 or G Suite is in the cloud it doesn't need backing up. This is not true. Your Office 365 or G Suite data is just as vulnerable in the cloud as data stored on-site to accidental or malicious deletion. The key is to be prepared so that this type of event is 'all in a day's work' for your business rather than a major obstacle if and when it happens.

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Workstation cybersecurity package

A solid workstation cybersecurity policy covers antivirus and malware-prevention applications, backups, firewalls and remote maintenance and monitoring technology. IT Basecamp offers a workstation cybersecurity bundle to provide SMEs with all this protection.

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