Cloud computing

Tailored cloud computing solutions the key to best results

Any part of a corporate network that takes place or is hosted ‘off-premises’ is technically in the cloud, so most organisations have been using cloud solutions for longer than they know - essentially since they had their first POP email account!

To what degree a business makes use of the cloud for IT infrastructure is individual and needs to be tailored to meet the organisation’s requirements. For some companies with particularly sensitive business data and in-house technical expertise, the best option might still be a wholly on-premise solution with cloud-based backups occurring on client-owned hardware in a secure facility like IT Basecamp’s data centre. This is an example of a cloud solution that allows the client to maintain maximum control, but also achieve 100% redundancy for disaster recovery.

The other end of the spectrum is a client who subscribes to an entirely cloud solution, outsourcing all aspects of IT from email accounts to making use of virtualisation for data storage, backups and software applications, plus a service contract for support and maintenance. When suitable for the client, the advantage of this scenario is the reduced costs of not having to install and maintain an in-house network. Aside from employee laptops and an internet connection, all other aspects of the network can be outsourced and hosted in the cloud. Costs can become monthly subscription items rather than capital expenditure that needs to be spent in advance. There is no need to employ in-house IT staff as support and maintenance can be included as part of a service contract at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

The most important aspect of cloud technologies is choosing the right solution for your business. IT Basecamp prides itself on supporting clients in making the correct technology decisions for cloud solutions and all areas of IT. Technology is our expertise. In addition, while partnered with many industry-leading technology providers, we don’t have a vested interest in any particular one - our goal is always putting together the right solution for the client.

The cloud technologies IT Basecamp implements and maintains for clients include:

  • Office 365 for email
  • Social networking
  • Sharepoint for file sharing
  • Google Apps
  • MYOB Account-right products