Technology in education

Solutions for the modern school

Developing IT solutions in the education sector is an exciting area for an IT professional. Far from being ‘just a school’, the IT infrastructure in a modern school is complicated and often implements cutting-edge technologies. Whether operating at a school, college or university level each layer of a network in an educational environment is used by multiple user groups with differing access and security requirements.

Schools also have a tendency to run multiple platforms enabling students to have as much exposure as possible to computing technology as possible. An IT professional in an education environment regularly manages the integration of iPads, Chromebooks, BYOD setups, Google Apps for Education, and more on a daily basis.

Security is particularly interesting and multi-pronged in a school’s network environment - the network as a whole needs to be protected from outside forces, but internally there must also be protection from misuse by students. Additionally, schools have a responsibility to protect students by controlling what access is available to the Internet. Like the private sector, reliability and redundancy are at the top of the list of requirements; if the infrastructure goes down the whole learning environment is disrupted, so network stability is paramount.

IT Basecamp works with a number of schools in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands, in some cases working alongside an internal IT team and in others taking on the role of Technology in Education partner and managing the whole network solution. We have experience in all facets of school technology. Recent projects we have worked on in the education sector include:

  • 1:1 iPad rollouts
  • Mobile device management
  • 1:1 Chromebook rollouts
  • BYOD setups
  • Google Apps For Education
  • Office 365 for Education
  • Procurement
  • Infrastructure design
  • Complete network and wireless upgrades
  • Min the Middle (MITM) SSL services to restrict illegal content
  • EAP Wired and WIFI setups (802.1x)