Internet telephone solutions - voice over IP

Reduce business costs with IP telephony

Even the humble phone system has transformed as internet technology develops and, with the advent of NBN, business phones can no longer be supported with individual ‘phone lines’. Today, phones and other office devices can only be used if they support internet protocol (IP).

A significant advantage of this IP telephony is that there is no need to have expensive telephone equipment hardwired into the business premises. Instead of a physical PBX (private branch exchange), which is expensive hardware, a virtual PBX resides on the Internet (otherwise known as a cloud-based PBX). In addition, the customer can easily make configuration changes themselves using an internet browser - for example adjusting how incoming calls are handled depending on the time of the day, day of the week or the date, to accommodate public holidays or other business changes.

On the downside, this new reliance on the Internet for telephony requires companies to also have in place back-up plans for internet disruptions or suffer the business consequences in times of unexpected outages.

IT Basecamp can support you with an entire telephony solution including SIP trunking, Voice over IP (VoIP), Power Over Ethernet (POE), Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX), and comprehensive back-up plans in the event of internet outages.