Google ranking and SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) - achieving and holding good ranking

Ranking well in a search engine results page is the holy grail for the modern business, but understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be confusing and time-consuming.

Good website SEO is an involved area. It encompasses everything from the actual content on your website through to the technical infrastructure used when your developer built the site. In addition, industry best practice for search engine ranking is a fluid and changing environment based on the latest releases and advice from the big industry players like Google. To achieve and hold a good ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) requires viewing your website as an ongoing project. Plan to work on it regularly. This strategy will keep your site fresh and up-to-date with current SERP best practice.

IT Basecamp offers two strategies to help customers to achieve optimal Google ranking:

  • the one-off Website Audit package gives an assessment of the current overall health of your website. Armed with this knowledge, devise a strategy looking at what improvements you can make yourself vs what changes require support from a website developer; or,
  • make use of the IT Basecamp full SEO package - on a monthly retainer work with web developers on a regular basis to keep your website achieving optimal ranking.

Website audit

The website audit is a health check of your site’s existing status. It is designed to give you an assessment of how ‘healthy’ your website appears in Google’s eyes and provides both a way for you to compare your website to that of your competitors and ideas on how you can improve your website (and therefore your search engine ranking). The website audit includes:

  • A report assessing the overall health of your website - site errors, warnings, broken links and suggested improvements
  • A report assessing your top keywords (up to three)
  • A report assessing your competitor’s domains (up to three)
  • A check of your site’s security status and implement SSL if not already secure
  • An assessment of your site’s page speeds
  • An assessment of your site’s mobile responsiveness
  • A check of your site’s meta tags, title tags, images and keywords to ensure they are appropriately set
  • A quote for the cost of improving your site ranking by implementing improvements outlined in the audit report

COST: $499 (ex-gst)

Case study: Kullindi Homestead

Thanks to all at IT Basecamp for upgrading the Kullindi Homestead website, top work, really happy with end result, the mobile version, a big improvement on the previous. Tony | Kullindi Homestead

Outset: A health audit of Kullindi Homestead’s website revealed a health score of 64%, 164 site errors and 809 site warnings.

Work undertaken: re-work the code to make the website mobile responsive, plus work on the content and code to apply targeted keywords to improve ranking.

Ranking result: a map listing plus first page Google ranking for Kullindi’s prime keywords, moved up to first page (from 2nd page) for secondary keywords.

Health audit result: Post work Kullindi Homestead’s website achieved a health score of 86%, site errors reduced to 6 and site warnings reduced to 66.

it basecamp image

SEO package

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing project. Google regularly updates its ranking criteria and the internet is a fast-paced industry, so web design techniques are constantly progressing and changing. To achieve success over the medium- to long-term SEO work needs to be an on-going concern. IT Basecamp offers an SEO package to keep you ahead in the game.

The SEO package includes:

  • a full website audit as outlined above in the first month;
  • Each quarter one aspect of your website’s health will be targeted (based on the results of the website health audit) to ensure that in the longer term your website continues to improve rather than become outdated; plus,
  • access to a suite of custom WordPress plugins to improve SEO;
  • any minor design changes to your website design needed for improving SEO;
  • a monthly-updated report assessing your website’s SEO ‘health’;
  • free web hosting for your website on ITB’s optimised WordPress servers (NGINX servers) for the duration of the SEO package.

COST: $499 (ex-gst) for the first month, then $260 (ex-gst) per month ongoing.

SEO tools for continuous improvement of search engine results

Health audit results

- regular updates on site health status

- identify and fix site errors and warnings

Keyword analytics

- organic keyword analysis

- competitor keyword analysis

- keyword gap analysis

Competitor analysis

- regularly track competitor ranking and keywords

Google My Business

- create, claim and verify your listing

- optimise the listing for local pack

Google Analytics

- connect Analytics account to your website

- measure and analyse website visits

Google Search Console

- setup/connect to website

- monitoring

Google Tag Manager

- track how users are interacting with your site

- set up tags and triggers to record specific user events on your site

Content SEO

- real-world ideas for promoting online presence

Link building and backlink analytics

- assess backlinks

- disallow toxic backlinks

- develop opportunities for new backlinks

Social media

- cross linking with website

- Facebook/Instagram/Adwords advertising

- Facebook pixel setup to track conversions and optimise advertising

Technical SEO

- Q&A markup

- images, alt tags, download speed

- implement Local Business structured data markup

- sitemap

- crawlability

- security

- mobile responsiveness and usability

- define canonical relationship in the case of duplicate content

- improve page speeds

- ensure headings/title tags/meta descriptions reflect keywords

- robots.txt

- minify javascript and CSS