Website design and development solutions for your business

Offering all the skills for truly cutting edge, end-to-end website solutions: combining visual appeal and technical know-how to deliver mobile-first, fully responsive, SEO-ready websites integrated into your business processes

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Custom software / app development

Harness technology to achieve competitive advantage from productivity gains by customising corporate applications or developing app uniquely suited to your business.

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Google ranking and search engine optimisation


Website development is much more than a visually appealing presentation. An effective website today must encompass SEO from the outset - planning keywords, mobile responsiveness, download speeds and optimising to meet Google’s search engine guidelines.

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Increase SEO traffic, even in touch times!

As more businesses have focussed their online activities, so there are more customers in cyberspace than ever before too! Progressive business owners know this means increased opportunities. So if you want to reach more customers, there’s never been a better time in history.

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Design, develop, deploy


The IT Basecamp Web development team offers all the skills for a truly cutting edge, end-to-end website solution.

The team has the knowledge and experience to support clients in a full range of Internet technologies from Wordpress sites and Shopify solutions to Squarespace, Craft, Laravel and Drupal.

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Digital matters

All aspects of your online presence form the 'picture' of your business seen by both your human customers AND Google's bots that index everything online. This includes your website, of course, but also other digital assets like your Google My Business listing, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Yet many businesses either don't understand how to use these assets, or haven't got them optimised. Join Brad weekly in this new webinar series looking at each of these tools and how to set them up for yourself.

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Wordpress hosting and development

Experienced Wordpress developers mean you receive a website that optimises the features of this easy-to-use platform.

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Ongoing maintenance and support


Once a new website has been launched, maintenance and support is an equally important step. The internet is a fast-paced industry and unmaintained websites lose traction with search engines quickly. IT Basecamp offers support, maintenance and SEO packages to keep your new website current.

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Profit-for-purpose is part of the ethos at IT Basecamp with a goal to give back as much as we can to the community. As part of this, we are keen to help local, community-based groups with their websites and hosting whenever we can.

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