Custom software and app development

Delivering cost savings, productivity gains and competitive advantage

There are a number of reasons to invest in custom software or app development. In some scenarios, the development takes a company into new, untapped areas of technology for their business. In others, the custom development is about preserving and maintaining previous IT investment through migrations and upgrades to ensure systems don’t become obsolete. In all cases, the goal of the development is always the same - to produce either cost savings in the business or productivity gains that result in a competitive advantage.

When is custom software or app development the best option? If one or more of the scenarios below applies to your business talk to us about what solutions are possible:

  1. Your business has unique needs and off-the-shelf software doesn’t provide the necessary functionality.
  2. You have an idea for a new app or business process for your business and are looking for the IT expertise to deliver your vision.
  3. You are looking for productivity gains and cost savings to achieve a competitive advantage in your industry. Custom integration and APIs can connect business processes like payment gateways, Web apps, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to streamline how efficiently information moves around the organisation.
  4. Your company is running legacy systems that, although meet your business needs, are ageing and slow and at risk of becoming unsupported. A custom development project can migrate these systems to a modern framework delivering improved speed and responsiveness, automation and support. Protecting your IT investment and preparing for the future.
  5. You recognise IT support is needed to ensure your business technology continues to deliver results. Failing to keep business systems maintained and upgraded is a recipe for future headaches. Newer versions of technology frameworks and platforms are faster, have fewer bugs, new features and security fixes. Allowing software and systems to become outdated leaves a business vulnerable security-wise. It can also result in loss of support from a software developer when older software versions become obsolete.

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