Workstation Cybersecurity package

Business protection against viruses and malware, plus backups, firewall protection and remote maintenance and monitoring

Providing adequate security measures to protect each workstation in an organisation is an essential but daunting task for business owners. A cybersecurity solution must encompass antivirus, malware prevention, backups, firewalls and remote maintenance and monitoring. To manage with only some of these elements is to leave gateways open for cybercriminals. IT Basecamp's workstation cybersecurity bundle takes the stress out of providing a solid workstation security solution.

Once your IT infrastructure is protected against cybercriminals, see this article for advice on how to set up a full cybercrime business continuity plan for your company.

Workstation cybersecurity bundle

Malware protection
using Malwarebytes, cloud-based leading anti-malware solution
Antivirus protection
Trend Micro: worry-free business security OR Solarwinds: managed antivirus solution
100GB cloud backup
using Solarwinds (quotes available for extra data)
Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
proactive business continuity technique to remotely monitor and manage employee workstations

Package cost

AUD$30 per month per workstation. Custom pricing available for more than 10 workstations per month. Contact us for a quote.