Office 365 and G Suite backups

SaaS Protection for G Suite and Microsoft 365: simple, automated and secure backup of cloud data

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) and G Suite are powerful business tools, each offering companies subscription access to a suite of valuable applications for corporate collaboration and communication. With the advertised best-in-class security and cloud storage for accessing documents from any location, they appear complete, one-stop solutions.

However, one point many companies fail to completely understand is that neither Microsoft 365 nor G Suite are providing a robust backup and recovery solution as part of the subscription. Both include some basic restore capabilities for lost data, but it is an 'all or nothing' approach that costs significant time in the event it is needed and is not always successful. In fact, in the case of ransomware encryption, Microsoft itself recommends 3rd party backup as the only way to recover from data loss.

We recommend that you regularly backup your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services. Microsoft
What is a ransomware attack?

Like it or not, ransomware attacks have become a part of the business landscape and data stored in the cloud is just as vulnerable to attack as it is on-site. In this 7-minute video learn from KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer how your business-critical data can be held to ransom at the mercy of hackers as a result of simple human error, and how to protect yourself.

A dedicated, independent backup solution removes the threat of ransomware encryption leaving you no longer reliant on paying the ransom to retrieve data - instead it can be retrieved from backup.

According to Datto research, downtime resulting from a ransomware attack is 23 times greater than the ransom amount itself. The average ransom demand is $5,900 compared to the average cost of downtime from the event being equivalent to $141,000. With a robust, wholistic backup solution on hand, recovery from an attack can be expected in 24 hours or less.

Reduce risk with a dedicated, independent backup solution

Datto SaaS Protection provides:

  • Point-in-Time Backups: Backups include daily snapshots of each users data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time. Avoid data loss from ransomware by restoring entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.
  • 3X/day backup: Rest easy with SaaS Protection’s automatic daily backups
  • On-demand backup: Perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on-demand backup will not affect the three regularly scheduled backups.
  • Infinite Retention: Store an unlimited amount of data for no additional fees.

Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite:

Drive and Team Drives
All files in Drive, sharing permissions, original file formats
All emails, attachments and notes
Mail, attachments, labels
All contact information

Datto SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365:

All files (including One Note) and folders with file structure intact
Events (including recurrence, attendees, notes), attachments and any calendars owned by your users
All emails, attachments, notes and folder structure
Primary, custom, group and team site collections: custom generic site lists, folder structure, document libraries and sets, site assets, templates, and pages
All contact information except photos

The IT industry’s premium backup solution – Datto – to backup all of your G Suite and Microsoft 365 data. $130 initial setup fee, plus:

Licences Per user per month
0 - 99 $4.20 (1 year commitment)
$4.60 (month-to-month)
100 + pricing upon request
$130 initial setup + $4.20 per user / month *

* price includes GST