Service agreement contracts

Offering large-scale IT support to small and medium-sized businesses

Enjoy the technology, infrastructure and IT support typically only available to large companies by signing up for an IT Basecamp service agreement contract. It’s our job to keep at the forefront of technology and transfer this to your business. With us on your side, you can hand over some, or even all aspects of managing a robust and secure IT network. Leaving you available to focus on your core business. Starting at just $198 per month, including GST.

Additional benefits of having an IT support agreement include:

  1. priority status in our IT helpdesk ticketing queue;
  2. receive all hardware at cost plus 20%, or the recommended retail price (whichever is less) for the duration of the support contract, appreciably lower than retail cost;
  3. a reduced hourly rate of $140 per hour (ex GST) on contract as opposed to our standard hourly rate of $180 per hour (ex GST).

Maintenance and monitoring

We can take the weight of responsibility for your network off your shoulders. With continual network monitoring and maintenance the goal is to prevent IT problems occurring. With a maintenance and monitoring contract, both desktops and servers at the client’s site can be covered. Functions of the contract cover:

  • Vulnerability management - scan for vulnerabilities in Windows/Mac environments and apply updates and patches
  • Windows system health agent checks
  • Server maintenance - apply updates and monitor security
  • Continual server status - alerts if a server is offline for a given period of time
  • Internet link monitoring - continual checks to ensure Internet connection active
  • Disk space monitoring - alerts when disk space becomes low
  • CPU usage monitoring - alerts when consistently high
  • RAM usage - alerts when high


The three primary options offered for your backup solution are VEEAM, Acronis and Datto, depending on requirements. Whichever option is best for you, our technicians will configure and set up, then monitor and maintain your solution and ensure verification of backups. Each option ensures your critical business data so that in the event there is a problem with a server and data is corrupted or lost, good data can be reinstated from backup.

VEEAM. This is our in-house backup solution and is our most popular. Your data is stored using VEEAM technology on IT Basecamp’s virtual machine in our Sydney data centre, not with a third party. This option requires a service contract with IT Basecamp. An additional local backup is not essential, but it is always recommended.

Acronis. Data resides in the cloud with Acronis itself. You provide your own server/hardware for local backup at your site. A robust solution with a lower cost outlay if you already own suitable hardware to perform the onsite portion of the backup.

Datto. Simple set-up and fast restore. Higher setup cost, plus yearly backup cloud subscription required.

Warranties and licencing expiry and renewals

The subscription model for software licencing has become the norm, but stress-free business continuity requires someone to be managing licences and renewals. IT Basecamp has the systems in place to record and notify you in advance of when your licences need renewing, leaving you with more mind-space for running your business. Being able to keep track of warranties for your equipment can also be a valuable time-saver in the event of a problem.


Data security in the 21st century is a massive area. Traditionally cyber attacks used to be more targeted at large companies, but now SMEs are at equal risk. Anti-virus software alone is no longer enough protection for any business. A business security solution needs to encompass PC protection and email protection (on-premises and cloud-based email), malware, ransomware, dangerous websites, spam, phishing attacks, data theft, viruses, spyware and targeted attacks. ‘Business email compromise’ (BEC) - a phishing attack when a criminal uses email to impersonate someone in your organisation to scam money - is responsible for over $2.8 million in losses from Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses in 2018 alone according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch division. This amounts to 63% of all losses reported to Scamwatch. Up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware, a good firewall and solid business procedures are a must.


In addition to security measures that protect your business-critical data, business leaders also need to be knowledgeable about and compliant with security measures related to their customers’ data. Does your business comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Is it applicable to you? As IT professionals, keeping up with these issues and knowing the solutions to apply is what we do, being on a Service Agreement with IT Basecamp means you too will be in the loop.