IT Basecamp: your technology
compass for website design
and IT support

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Need support to make the right technology decisions for your business? This is our expertise.

You bring the business knowledge and goals and we'll guide you through the technology. Our skillset includes hosting, backups and security, email management, cloud services, web design, application and software development, networking and connectivity.

Based in Huskisson, near Nowra, in the Shoalhaven, with data centre facilities in the world-class Equinix centre in Sydney, IT Basecamp is ideally located to provide web design and networking business services to clients up and down the NSW South Coast. For clients further afield we are well-equipped with the technology to form strong working relationships over longer distances.

IT Basecamp is a profit-for-purpose business

Our company was started with a firm belief that there is enough for everyone.

Our purpose statement is: 'descending valleys, crossing bridges and climbing mountains'. We are your compass, guiding you on your technology journey toward a better future for all.

Recently we came across a Greek proverb and have added a small variation: 'Society grows great when old people plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in'. We firmly believe you should turn up to work for more than your pay cheque and we encourage a culture where our people are engaged in community activities that give back our profits for the good of our people, the country and the planet. Our vision is to have a team that are high achievers and have a good work-life balance. A business that has enough for everyone.

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