Cloud service and email migrations

Email solutions need to be secure, redundant, efficient and have room to grow to be successful as a communications mechanism. They also need to be accessible from anywhere as workforces are increasingly mobile. Hosting thousands of email accounts across Office 365, G Suite, on-premises and cPanel or Linux-based custom solutions, IT Basecamp understands email and what it takes for it to be successful.

The IT Basecamp tech team have performed hundreds of migrations from onsite email to the cloud, or from one version of email software to another. Doing a migration for clients onto a new platform involves taking whatever legacy system is being used, establishing a tenancy on the new platform, then migrating data across.

The next step is connecting users and delivering training and documentation. This includes establishing security protocols. Strong passwords, two-factor authentication and either Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) or Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocols are essential. Unfortunately, email scams are too common at all levels of business and are costing Australian businesses millions of dollars in losses each year.

IT Basecamp strives to be at the forefront of email and data security and works hard to stay abreast of current threats, industry best practice and government policy.