Business IT services - secure, scalable technology solutions

Providing clients with secure, scalable technology and IT solutions that ensure full business continuity, integration with whole-business processes, protection from cyber attacks and disaster recovery strategies

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Business continuity

Business continuity offers protection, advantages and savings on a day-to-day basis, as well as after a serious disaster.

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Custom applications

There is huge potential for productivity gains and increased competitive advantage in the arena of application development. It's a matter of teaming business vision with IT expertise.

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Cybercrime protection

Practical advice and resources to guide you through the steps for establishing a full-strength cybersecurity business continuity plan.

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IP telephony

With the right expertise, even your phone system can be leveraged to improve efficiencies and reduce business costs.

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Platform management

Linux/Red Hat operating systems, HP, Fortinet, VPN solutions (secure access between sites), wireless networks ... our experience is vast and our advice objective as we are not aligned with any specific technology. We work with you to integrate and manage differing platform technologies - to your best advantage.

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Purchasing a new PC or laptop - FAQs

Purchasing a new laptop or PC for the office? Get the most from your investment by understanding what you're paying for.

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Service agreement contracts

Use a service agreement contract to combine our cutting-edge infrastructure with the depth and breadth of IT knowledge of the IT Basecamp tech team. The result for you is an IT solution on par with what is traditionally only available to large-scale organisations.

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Enterprise-grade IT support for our clients, with a strong focus on quality, efficiency and outcomes. Remote, phone, email and onsite support provided for both hardware and software.

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Technology in education

Security, redundancy, controlling access to the Internet, managing multi-platform environments and mobile device management - all are important criteria for running a successful school network. IT Basecamp has experience in all these spheres, plus iPad and Chromebook rollouts, BYOD setups, Google Apps for Education, Office 365 for Education and more.

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Virtualisation solutions

In a data centre environment, in the Cloud, or a customised combination of onsite, data centre or Cloud virtualisation delivers true business continuity, redundancy, scalability and disaster recovery.

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Work from home

Need to give your staff flexible work arrangements to work remotely from their home office?

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