Careers at IT Basecamp

Let us ask you this … what does work feel like to you? When was the last time you laughed out loud at work?

A smart man once said “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” (Marc Anthony).

At IT Basecamp we have a clear vision of our company as a ‘profit-for-purpose’ entity that strives towards a better future for all - ourselves, our clients, our community and our planet. We're keen to hire staff with passion, drive and similar ideals. With strong culture and values, we look for staff who, as well as having the right technical skills, believe what we believe. The principles which we value include:

  • being a purpose-driven company with a clear vision which we all align to
  • being a local, growing business
  • strong relationships with each other and clients
  • investing in our people – we believe there is enough for everyone
  • a good work-life balance
  • health & wellbeing - join us for bootcamp twice a week and destress with regular visits from a workplace massage therapist (yes, we said massage)
  • giving back to our community in any way we can
  • loyalty to clients and passion for the industry
  • quality of products and service
  • generosity

We believe, in fact we know, this is what makes a business successful. The job vacancies we currently have at IT Basecamp are: