Wordpress hosting and development

Robust, easy-to-use, Google-ready Wordpress websites

Statistics show seventy-five million websites on the Internet are using the Wordpress platform. Easy-to-use, free to install and thousands of available plugins are the top factors leading designers and developers alike to make this choice. At IT Basecamp we are experienced Wordpress developers and work with the platform daily.

We can work with Wordpress themes, but our preference is to build custom Wordpress solutions for clients that meet exact business needs. Customising a purchased template to meet a particular requirement inevitably creates ‘bloat’ in the backend which negatively impacts performance and does no favours for ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). In the longer-term, building a custom Wordpress design from the ground up is the best way to achieve a streamlined, efficient web solution. A custom-built solution meets the demands of your brand and required functionality today, lays the groundwork for future growth and achieves a uniqueness in style.

We deliver robust, Google-ready Wordpress websites that meet current design and SEO standards. In addition, our philosophy is to always enable clients by developing a website ready to be managed and updated in the future, without extra developer costs, plus the skills and training to know how to do this. Whether needing a small, contained website for a local cafe, an online shop for your new business venture, or a website with the functionality to integrate with other business systems you use, speak to the IT Basecamp Web Team for a website solution specific to your requirements.