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Platform management - integrating and managing technologies

While 'IT platforms' (the basic hardware and operating system of a PC or network) are the backbone of any technology infrastructure, 'platform management' is the nervous system that enables all the different aspects of technology to successfully communicate and integrate. Platform technologies refer to a network's servers, operating systems, firewalls and more and there are many, many options available to provide business solutions - Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu, Android, Red Hat Linux to mention a few. These platform technology suppliers tend to have specialities that their products are best suited for and companies often end up using a variety of platform technologies to achieve their goals. Our expertise is in integrating and managing these technologies together, to the best advantage of the client.

IT basecamp's experience is vast and our advice objective. Our technicians are not aligned with a specific technology, but instead with the business needs of you, the client.

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One of the major challenges of any technical environment is keeping control of manual configuration and deployment practices. Not embracing automation can see operational expenses rise at an alarming rate as issues arise due to inconsistently configured environments. IT Basecamp employs automation tools such as Chef to deploy updates and changes across a whole environment instantly. Combine this with access to the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of our whole tech team, plus our cutting-edge infrastructure including racks in the Equinix data centres in Sydney, and your business’s IT support is starting to rival the big players in your industry.