About IT Basecamp About IT Basecamp

About IT Basecamp

Founded by Brad Lilly in 2001, IT Basecamp is an IT networking and services company based in the beautiful coastal town of Huskisson on the NSW South Coast.

Employing a team of highly motivated individuals IT Basecamp specialises in supplying clients with the right IT business solutions, whether it be in software and hardware, IT infrastructure and security, web development / web design, hosting and cloud solutions … or all of the above. Our client base spans from Sydney, throughout Wollongong and all of the Shoalhaven down to Ulladulla.

Our purpose

Descending valleys, crossing bridges and climbing mountains. We are your compass, guiding you on your technology journey toward a better future for all.


Our vision

A team of high achievers with a good work-life balance. A business that has enough for everyone.


Our Mission

IT Basecamp provides the best information, communication and technology consulting services to our clients using carefully selected high-quality hardware and software vendors. Our staff are highly trained to deliver a sustainable, reliable and quality product thus removing the complexities associated with our profession and letting our clients get on with their own business at hand.


Our values

  1. Self-improvement - staff continue to progress, learn and evolve as members of a great team.
  2. Respect and humility - in front of colleagues, clients and the wider community.
  3. Better future - strive to produce sustainable business outcomes that are environmentally conscious and create a future for the next generation. Give back as much as we can to the community.
  4. Reputation - strive to produce quality work for quality clients.


We are looking for an experienced Senior Technician with passion, drive and a morally-aligned compass to join our team.

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Working at IT Basecamp

As a company, we are the first to recognise that our industry can involve stressful work. Often frustrations of something not working is passed onto us and time constraints and deadlines make customers want things fixed ASAP. We are big believer in looking after staff. As such we offer the following work perks!

  • We do Bootcamp twice a week. The company pays for this group activity. Once a fortnight you also get to do a boxing fitness session (non-contact other than boxing mitts). All the team leaders and Brad normally participate so often frustrations are aired.
  • We also get a masseuse in once a fortnight and staff are arguing the order of who is first for a head and neck massage!
  • Soon our shed will have a few kayaks and SUP boards. We work in the beautiful Jervis Bay and we encourage staff to take advantage of that at lunchtimes.

To help manage our workloads and keep our clients happy we engage the following practices.

  • We strongly believe in training and have training sessions at least weekly for an hour as well as fortnightly full team meetings with a training component.
  • We have many vendors offering Adhoc or type-specific courses as well to help staff advance their careers.
  • Every day all teams do a stand-up meeting so they can indicate to the rest of the team how their current workload is being handled and bring up any concerns they may have.

We are big believers in helping our young people out that want to potentially join the IT industry. For over 10 years or more we have accepted work experience students from all the local schools under the Vocational and Education training programs setup. This also helps us recruit potential young IT consultants that want a career in the industry.

Part of our profit for purpose company we also do the following for our community and encourage staff to participate.

  • We have created websites such as Engage Shoalhaven which is aimed at encouraging women to get involved in community activities in the Shoalhaven.
  • We sponsor many sporting clubs including Huskisson soccer club and Nowra Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club. All staff are encouraged to participate with this.

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