Partnerships Manager - Cyber Heroes

David has a passion for unravelling the mysteries of technology and comprehending the inner workings of all things. In his early years he travelled the world living in countries such as the Seychelles, UK, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, but eventually, he decided to call Australia home. Upon returning, he found himself at the helm as the Security Business Manager at the world's largest IT distributor.

In this role, David took charge of managing the complete tier one security vendor portfolio, fostering crucial relationships with industry giants such as Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, and CA Security. However, life's journey led him down a different path, and he transitioned to become the Principal of the Data & Intelligence group at a local software developer, assuming the role of a Business Analyst where analysing data became second nature.

David has now once again found himself in the cybersecurity arena working as the Partnerships Manager for Cyber Heroes here at IT basecamp.