Working at IT Basecamp

Looking after staff

As a company, we recognise our industry can involve stressful work. Often frustrations of something not working are passed on to us and time constraints and deadlines make customers want things fixed ASAP. We are big believers in looking after staff and are keen to do whatever we can to help staff stay well - fit, calm and unstressed. As such we offer the following work perks ...

  • Bootcamp in the park twice a week with a qualified fitness trainer. The company pays for this group activity. Once a fortnight is a boxing fitness session (non-contact other than boxing mitts) - great for stress reduction!
  • Once a fortnight a massage therapist arrives to provide massages to all who are interested.
  • Soon our shed will have a few kayaks and SUP boards. We work in the beautiful Jervis Bay and we encourage staff to take advantage of that at lunchtimes.

To help manage our workloads, keep our clients happy and ensure staff are constantly gaining new skills that will help in their careers, we engage the following practices:

  • Training sessions at least weekly for an hour as well as fortnightly full-team meetings with a training component.
  • We have many vendors offering adhoc or type-specific courses as well to help staff advance their careers.
  • Every day all teams do a stand-up meeting so they can indicate to the rest of the team how their current workload is being handled and bring up any concerns they may have.

Supporting local youth

Helping young people in the area that want to potentially join the IT industry is important to us too. We regularly welcome work experience students from all the local schools under the Vocational and Education training programs setup. On occasion, we have been able to recruit junior IT consultants from those who came to us for work experience - giving them a solid start to their IT careers.

Profit for purpose - giving back to the community

IT Basecamp is a 'profit for purpose' company. This means we deliberately focus on how we can make a positive impact in the world and encourage staff to participate. Some of our varied profit-for-purpose initiatives are:

  • Creation and promotion of the Engage Shoalhaven website which is aimed at encouraging women to get involved in community activities in the Shoalhaven.
  • Sponsorship of sporting clubs including Huskisson soccer club and Nowra Culburra Surf Lifesaving Club.
  • Fundraising trivia night to raise funds for a local family.
  • Regular blood donations to the Red Cross.

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