Tips for clients

Welcome to the IT Basecamp team. Please find below some tips and useful information that will help you make the most of our IT partnership with you.

How to raise a support ticket with IT Basecamp

When you need to contact us for assistance, the first step is to initiate a support ticket with the IT Basecamp helpdesk. To do this you can:

  1. Create a support ticket via your IT Basecamp client portal.

  2. Activate a ticket via your Datto portal (Datto is the Remote Management and Monitoring application we use to look after your network):

    - On a mac:
    find the 'd' icon in the toolbar at the top right of your screen. Click on the 'd' and choose 'request support'.

    - On a PC: click on the up arrow along the bottom of your screen and then right-click the 'd'. Choose 'request support' to initiate a ticket.

Urgent IT issues:

If your issue is urgent, for example, it is affecting critical business applications and/or large numbers of staff, create and submit your support ticket and then call us on 02 4441 8555. Remember to make a note of your support ticket number so that you can share that with the person who takes your call.

I cannot submit a ticket:

If your IT issue means you are unable to submit a support ticket please call 02 4441 8555.

Invoicing cycles

Understanding how IT Basecamp manages invoicing can help in our ongoing partnership with clients. Have a browse through this information from our Accounts department about invoicing, payment terms, payment methods and what you can expect from a contract relationship with IT Basecamp.

In case of outages ...

From time to time there are outages or issues that affect a broad number of users, sometimes across the globe. For example, in May 2021 Microsoft Outlook experienced worldwide outages, or in June 2021 Google announced a security flaw in Chrome. In the event IT Basecamp is notified of this type of event, we will update clients using a variety of channels:

  • we will post updates on our Facebook page, so it is a good idea to like and follow this page once you are a client.
  • we will post updates on our IT Basecamp status page.
  • we will send an email update as soon as possible, so check your inbox.

Obviously depending on what form the outage takes some platforms will be unavailable. If your company's email client is not working, check the web version to see if that is still active and will enable you to continue working in the short term.

New Sales

IT Basecamp is an all-encompassing IT services company. If it concerns IT we're bound to have someone with experience and expertise in that area. We can:

Contacting us

We're always open to hearing from clients. If you have any thoughts, ideas or constructive criticism about how we can improve what we do, please feel free to let us know.

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