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Bye bye bootcamp

Jul 29, 2021 Community blog

After five and a half years of Bootcamp in the Park with the lovely personal trainer Geraldine McGill from Harvesting Good Health, Geraldine has decided it is time to say Au Revoir to IT Basecamp. During our bootcamping years Geraldine created over 258 programs especially for us, taught us to box, sustained us with protein balls, and made us do goodness knows how many burpees - all in the name of our health and wellbeing. Basically, the more we puffed and sweat, the bigger her smile became ... and she already had a pretty big smile to begin with!

A massive thank you to you Geraldine. Never mind how much we grumbled and complained, we always appreciated your motivation and encouragement and the physical strength we now have thanks to you. We will be sure to keep it up whatever form bootcamp takes for us going forward.

A shout-out also to Brad for recognising the value of physical exercise in the workday and providing the bootcamp sessions for all these years!

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