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Pushup Challenge complete!

Jun 16, 2020 Community blog

Well done to all our Pushup Challengers and a big shout-out to all the clients, family and friends who supported the team with donations. Our team completed 18,803 pushups in 21 days and raised over $5,000 for mental health support and awareness - almost $3k from the IT Basecamp team as a group and another $2,195 from the personal tabs of our teammates. Mental health is a truly important issue and that's a great result.

The rest of us have all enjoyed watching the antics of this great group. They kept us entertained with all manner of pushups - on tree stumps, during bushwalks, synchronised group shots, and even on kayaks (hope the phone has dried out James!) - and we hope you enjoyed it too.

Meanwhile, pushups were not the only challenge
And while all the participants were being physically challenged during this event, behind the scenes the organisers were facing challenges of their own. The Pushup Challenge turned out to be so popular this year that their IT infrastructure was overwhelmed shortly after launch causing glitches in the tracking app used by participants.

Empathising with this sort of behind-the-scenes drama Brad, Ben and James were itching to help get things back on track and reached out to the organisers to offer support. So amidst their push-ups, they temporarily joined the Challenge team and shared their knowledge in application and software coding and design, hosting, fault diagnosis, monitoring and testing, through to a re-launch that got the system back on track.

"This is exactly what we do and it was great to be able to help out," said Brad. "There is so much going on behind-the-scenes of any IT application that the end-user is usually blissfully unaware of. Particularly in an application like this where demand for the app can peak fast during certain periods, having systems ready to cope can be tricky.

"We support a number of clients whose businesses run events that cause spikes in IT demand like this. We are able to host them in our data centre where resources can be scaled easily as and when needed. These clients can then plan for peak times without having to pay for peak bandwidth during their quiet times." Need to discuss your hosting or software development needs with one of our experts?