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The tech side of bushfire preparedness

Nov 11, 2019 Tech blog

For businesses exposed to bushfire risk, preparedness doesn't end with evacuation plans for staff and insurance on physical property. Protecting business-critical data is crucial to being able to recover after a disaster. Business continuity plans that harness technologies such as virtualisation and data centre solutions enable companies to achieve 100% redundancy and reliability with the added advantages of scalability and economic network solutions:

  • Business continuity planning - protection, advantages and savings on a day-to-day basis, as well as after a serious disaster
  • Virtualisation - achieve true business continuity, redundancy, scalability and disaster recovery
  • Data centre network solutions - providing reliable, secure, redundant, economical networks
  • Cloud solutions - tailored cloud solutions designed to meet individual client requirements
  • Hybrid cloud solution - a combination of on-premise and / or multiple public and private cloud hosts to spread an organisation’s computing resources providing benefits like disaster recovery options and corporate agility