Improved Google ranking delivers eight times the monthly SERP impressions banner

Improved Google ranking delivers eight times the monthly SERP impressions

Apr 26, 2021 Tech blog

Innovate Energy became an IT Basecamp client in mid-2019 during the company’s corporate rebranding from its old identity as Innovate Air and Electrical. The re-branding encompassed a complete makeover with new logos, new website, new company name and, importantly from IT Basecamp’s perspective, a new website domain.

The task for IT Basecamp’s web team was to launch a new Innovate Energy website that preserved the old site’s ranking, defined the company under the banner of the new branding and, crucially, improved search engine ranking going forward in what is an intensely competitive local industry.

The original website’s health rating sat at 81% when the redesign took place and the site was ranking in the top 20 search results for eight keywords, starting at position number 14. This meant the previous website was showing in the top 20 listings for keyword searches on average 270 times per month.

The new build included:

  • Designing a site that met all Google’s current best practice guidelines

  • Understanding the ranking history and health rating of the old site

  • Identifying and implementing strategic changes in the new site’s build that would strengthen the site’s ranking going forward

  • Transferring the old site’s ‘link juice’ to the new domain to avoid losing ranking in the early months after launch

  • Signing up for an ongoing monthly SEO package to keep the site monitored, secure, and regularly updated ... sending signals to Google that the website is always current and providing relevant and timely information to users.

The new website launched with a health rating of 88% and this quickly rose to 95+ percent under the care of the SEO package. After just two months the site’s impressions in Google search results had risen from around 60-100 impressions per day to reliably delivering 400 impressions per day.

Innovate Energy has improved their daily impressions massively

After fourteen months on IT Basecamp’s SEO Savvy package, Innovate’s top 20 ranking keywords have doubled and importantly, the top-performing keywords have moved up from position 14 to position 2. This improvement in both the number of top 20 ranking keywords and improved positioning now delivers on average 2,280 impressions per month - an increase of eight times.

Old websiteNew website
Site health rating 81%95%
No. of ranking keyword in top 20 816
Average impressions per month delivered by these top 20 keywords 2702,280

Good search engine ranking starts with a good design and solid build, but the key to continued and improving strength over the long term is sustained and consistent effort in the space of content, technical and keyword SEO.

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