Website launch prioritises improved UX and messaging - a client's perspective banner

Website launch prioritises improved UX and messaging - a client's perspective

Mar 5, 2020 Tech blog

After successfully running a pilot of our online functional fitness event, The Bay Games 'Grand Slam', in 2019 we learned a number of lessons and pivoted in some key areas.

One of those areas was our digital presence and, specifically, improving both the user experience (UX) for our website together with the messaging. We discussed our evolving needs with our IT Partner IT Basecamp and, with their guidance, agreed that we would focus on the following three aspects of the project:

  1. Redesign the Grand Slam page to a) be brand aligned with the parent event (The Bay Games) and b) to be more relevant to our updated target audience
  2. Focus heavily on UX to minimize any possible friction points in the education and sales processes
  3. Ensure interoperability with 3rd party links such as Mail Chimp, Google Analytics, Facebook (Pixel), Site Kit (by Google), Qantcast (behaviour insights) and Competition Corner (our online registration partner)

With Alex at the helm, the project kicked off and was completed slightly ahead of schedule, always with a sense of open communication and healthy debate. We use a marketing agency for our social channels and they, naturally, had some opinions about aspects of the web design and UX. The team at IT Basecamp were flexible and accommodating, whilst keeping a suitably firm grip on the original brief and budget.

As with all projects (large or small) the devil is in the details and the team at ITB were able to ask the right questions at the right time to ensure a smooth project flow, always with our key objectives in mind. The page has gone into the 'soft launch' phase whilst we test the messaging and finalise some of the imagery and video content. Suffice to say, we are really happy with the finished product and look forward to studying the sites analytics, always in search of refinement and enhancement with the team at IT Basecamp.

Mat Lock, General Manager
The Bay Games