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TPP Wholesale platform upgrade - registrar changing on all .au domains

Apr 7, 2020 Tech blog

Have you received an email from TPP Wholesale stating that the registrar on record is going to be formally transferred to Domain Directors? (see full email text below)

We have confirmed with TPP Wholesale that this correspondence sent out to all TPP .au domain owners is legitimate. TPP Wholesale is undergoing a platform upgrade and is consolidating all .au domain names onto a new reseller system called CentralNic. Domain Directors is CentralNic's .au accredited Registrar, more commonly known as Instra.

This process will be seamless for the domain owner and will happen behind the scenes. There will be no changes to how you access your domain(s) and the process will not affect the uptime of your domain.

There is no need to take any action, but please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.

Copy of email text regarding this change

Dear Domain Registrant,

You are receiving this email as you are listed as the registrant contact for the below list of domain name(s):



The current registrar on record for this domain name is TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd and is the back-end operator for the provider who you purchased your domain(s) through. We wish to inform you about an upgrade to our .AU services.

As part of the upgrade, we are required to formally change the registrar on record. Your domain(s) will transfer from your current registrar TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd over to Domain Directors. The registrar transfer will be processed on 06 May 2020.

Please note:

* There will be no impact to your domain name or website

* You will continue to manage your domain name as you currently do

* This transfer will be completed automatically with no disruption to your existing services

* No action is required on your behalf unless you would like to opt-out of the registrar transfer

If you do not want your domain name to be transferred to Domain Directors and wish to opt-out of this process, you must take action to transfer your domain to another registrar prior to 06 May 2020. Please contact your domain name provider (where you purchased your domain) for further details.

Please note that all registrars must comply with the .AU Domain Name Suppliers' Code of Practice ( and auDA's transfer policy


As per auDA’s requirements, we will send a reminder email seven (7) days prior to the transfer.

If you have any questions associated with this transfer, please contact your domain name provider.

Kind Regards,
TPP Wholesale