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Log4shell IT security risk

Dec 13, 2021 Tech blog

Late last week a new, global IT security vulnerability, Log4shell, was announced publicly. The security flaw is located in open-source Apache software used in cloud servers and enterprise software across industry and government worldwide.

This security risk has been deemed a Factor 10 risk (the maximum) by the security industry and is being described as the most critical vulnerability of the past decade and possibly in the history of modern computing. It grants easy, unauthorised access to internal networks exposing valuable corporate data to malware and theft.

A security patch has been released to protect networks against Log4shell and it is now a race to apply the patch globally.

IT Basecamp's security team spent the weekend assessing client exposure to Log4shell and continues with this work today. We will be in touch again soon with updates as appropriate.

More details on Log4shell vulnerability:

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