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.au domains now available

Mar 25, 2022 Tech blog

Is brand protection important to you? Are you keen to simplify your domain name? Then good news … as of 24th March .au domains are now available. So instead of yourcompany.com.au or .org.au or net.au etc., you can now have yourcompany.au.

The Internet’s DNS (domain name system) was set up way back in the 80s to identify the computers, services and resources available on the Internet. It’s like a map or phonebook that provides a link between the human-friendly domain name and the global computer filing system of IP addresses. Originally the domain name had to identify the organisational structure and the geographic location of the domain, hence .com.au for commercial companies in Australia and .org.au for Australian non-profits and other organisations. However, with the exponential growth in the Internet since then and social changes to how and why we use the web, it’s been decided this is no longer necessary and the .au naming convention is being released.

If you already own a domain name ending in .com.au or any other variation of the third-level Australian domains, you will be given priority for the purchase of the matching .au name. To make an application for the .au version of your domain it will be important to check the registered details of your .com.au domain and make sure the information recorded is current.

Will it be expensive to transition to another domain?

With Office 365 and Google Workspace, domains can be set up as secondary domains, or aliases for no additional subscription cost. Your existing emails continue to work and you can use your new .au address. If you require tech support to configure the changes, we are happy to discuss what would be involved for your company.

Similarly, for your website, if you'd prefer your company is presented under a .au domain name going forward, redirects can be set up on your old domain name to enable a smooth transition. You can make the switch now and marketing and other business collateral can be updated going forward.

Likewise, if you simply want to purchase your .au domain for added brand protection to ensure ownership, it can be held and redirected towards your current domain.

Interested? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities and register your interest in a .au domain.

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