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Scorecard apps as a 'sticky brand' marketing tool

Jul 19, 2021 Tech blog

Now more than ever the role of marketer and that of Internet guru blend together, making it the ideal situation for these two groups to be best of friends. For those of us who began our marketing or IT careers back in the 90’s - who would have thought?

According to marketing expert Jamie McAinsh of The Marketing Clan, “The world’s best brands all have one thing in common. They’re sticky. Very sticky. They’re strong, memorable and, ultimately, very hard for customers to ignore or forget.”

From a marketer’s perspective, there are all kinds of strategies and techniques to help improve this brand stickiness and many of these involve online technology ... website SEO, email marketing, social media engagement to name a few. New on the scene in this arena is what’s become known as a scorecard app and at IT Basecamp we’ve already launched a few for our marketing friends.

A scorecard app is a simple web application designed to canvas and engage a very specific user group of interest to the client. The topic is something that draws this specific target market and the goal is to open a conversation and close by collecting the lead’s contact information in exchange for information/answers of value to the user.

For example, The Marketing Clan is using a scorecard app themselves around the topic of ‘brand stickiness’. The campaign focuses on engaging business owners looking for tips and expertise for improving their brand strength and competitive advantage. The associated scorecard app leads the potential customer through a simple conversation that both qualifies the lead AND sets the customer’s mindset and expectations on brand marketing. The result? Those that close the conversation by submitting their contact information, in exchange for the survey results, deliver a hot business lead ready to move to stage 2 engagement in the sales funnel.

Check out the scorecard apps already in our portfolio:

Get in touch with Jamie at the Marketing Clan to brainstorm how you could improve your brand strategy, or get help with your scorecard message. Alternatively, if you already know what content you’d build into an app like this and just need a tech partner … we can help!