Website build followed by digital marketing campaign kicks off SEO banner

Website build followed by digital marketing campaign kicks off SEO

Nov 22, 2021 Tech blog

One of our most recent website launches features chocolate and European specialty foods brought to you by Providorium - yum!

Aside from being mouth-watering, from a technical perspective this website is interesting too. It's built as a combination of Craft as the content management system with Shopify to manage the e-commerce. This merging of the two technologies allows for full flexibility of company content on the core pages while leveraging the streamlined e-commerce capabilities of the Shopify environment.

Of course for an online e-commerce site, sales are of the utmost importance and this requires excellent search engine ranking. The trick with this project was that the domain - - is brand new and new domains take time to establish a solid presence in Google.

To fast track this process of gaining search engine visibility we moved from website launch straight into a digital marketing campaign that focusses on website engagement. In addition to backlinks pointing to your website, increasing website users is one of the best ways to send the message to Google that your website has useful, important content and should appear at the top of the rankings.

So our digital marketing campaign - a competition to win one of ten chocolate hampers - has two goals:

  • drive user engagement on the website to improve the site's analytics and therefore strengthen search engine ranking;
  • generate a subscriber mailing list that Providorium can use for future marketing campaigns.

The campaign starts with a Facebook ad leading to a specialised ad landing page and is designed to achieve three website engagement actions from a user on the first visit, plus a fourth potential engagement at the end of the competition. Mailchimp automation is put to use so users who enter the competition are automatically added to the Mailchimp subscriber list and sent a customised welcome email.

Mailchimp automation and customer journeys are a way to visually map dynamic, automated marketing paths for your customers. It can be used for many aspects of the customer journey such as welcoming a new customer, reminding customers to reorder, celebrating annual events ... basically keeping you connected and front-of-mind with your clients without you having to focus on this task once the initial mapping and setup is done.

Enter now to WIN (and see the automation process in action!)

The chocolate hamper competition will be running until 8th December. Enter now for your chance to win and tell your family and friends!

Yes I'd like to win a chocolate hamper

And, if a digital marketing campaign like this could give your business the boost you need, get in touch to discuss today.

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