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Start preparing your move to Windows 11

Sep 21, 2023 Tech blog

The official expiry of Windows 10 support in October 2025 feels like a million years away in our busy lives. But if you’re running a business that requires computers (yes, everyone!) it’s time to start factoring this news into business plans.

You can continue to use Windows 10 after October 2025, but out-of-date software fast becomes vulnerable to malware and viruses as hackers hone in on easy targets. With the alarming rate of cybercrime these days that is just not a risk worth taking with your business. Information security is an essential aspect of guarding a modern business against the financial loss, reputational damage and legal liability associated with a cyber security breach, and it starts at the base layer with hardware, software and operating systems.

Windows 11 has been out for over 18 months now, and while we’re always wary of upgrading too soon, IT Basecamp is now confidently recommending clients upgrade. The platform is proving to be stable and in our experience the changeover smooth.

The new Windows 11 operating system is resource hungry and we recommend hardware requirements of a minimum 16GB of RAM and a machine age of less than four years to make the move straight away. If your PCs and/or laptops meet this minimum the migration process involves creating a full backup of each device before the upgrade.

If your business is running on older devices, or a portfolio of machines of mixed age and resources, a ‘Business Migration to Windows 11’ plan is the way to go. Putting together such a refresh plan from the outset means the project to work towards the upgrades/replacements required can be spaced out per month or quarter at a pace that suits your budget and achieves the goal of all devices being on Windows 11 by 2025.

For support creating a Windows 11 migration plan, get in touch today. Particularly for IT Basecamp contract clients we have the tools in place via remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to quickly assess your business’s devices, ages and the amount of RAM. Leasing finance is also available, through our hardware suppliers, to spread the financial outlay.

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