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Industry focus - web development in sport

Oct 24, 2019 Tech blog

Nothing is more satisfying than applying technology to enable people to do what they love. The sporting industry is one group harnessing the power of web development to connect, motivate and drive fellow sportspeople. Check out how sportspeople are teaming up with IT Basecamp to use the web to connect with, motivate and empower fellow sportspeople.

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Bay Games -

An annual functional fitness festival located in Jervis Bay, the Bay Games website inspires competitors Australia-wide to achieve their goals. Individuals and teams come together in Jervis Bay for the event and put their training to the test by competing as individuals or teams, or participating in the charity fun run to raise money for the community.

Grandslam competition -

Clever use of technology is making the Grand Slam competition truly global, enabling international athletes to compete from their home country. Over the course of three weeks in August, Grandslam competitors were assigned a total of five workout schedules to complete. Using WeTime, entrants recorded and uploaded their workouts for review by an international judging panel. Winners of the Grand Slam competition will travel to Australia to compete with locals in the 2019 Bay Games.

Aspiring Guides -

SEO analysis of Aspring's new website design shows a reduced bounce rate and, in addition, the length of user sessions has increased - in other words, more customers stay on the site for longer. Take a look - it's got the double bonus that while looking over the site you could also be planning your next adventure holiday!

Peak Fitness -

Combining a modern website with a mobile app, Peak Fitness strives to make it as easy as possible for members to achieve great fitness amongst the demands of 'life'. The website and app combo act as a portal for connecting and motivating members with stories from other members and providing a quick and practical method to book classes and training sessions.

Elite Energy -

Elite Energy has been delivering some of the greatest multi-sport events in Australia for many years. Their portfolio includes over 20 regular events in the triathlon, xterra, duathlon and cycling spaces. The Elite Energy website has helped the organisation build a solid reputation with sportspeople, keeping updated events calendars, results pages and community updates on road closures and diversions during events.